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took Cindi to Ohio this past weekend

This past weekend was really nice. Cindi and I drove down to my grandparents' in Ohio Friday evening. My uncle Tim and aunt Smita and their three kids happened to be coming that same weekend for a wedding and they got in late Friday night. My mother and step-father joined us the next day. I don't know which made me happier -- them getting a chance to meet Cindi or Cindi getting a chance to meet them. :-)

I think Cindi and I managed to keep the kids from wearing out my grandparents too much while Tim and Smita were at the wedding on Saturday. We went to the park and let them wear us out instead. I wasn't sure if lying down on the grass and taking a nap was part of tag, but I was "it" and who was going to stop me? :-) The weather was so nice... we had a great time at the park.

We played some cards, too. Taught Cindi peanut and canasta... a little too well, I might add. She beat me, my mother, and my grandmother at canasta!!!

Sunday was church and food and visiting. Oh, and a little guitar. My uncle Tim played a little, then Cindi, then she made me get some practice in. We drove back Sunday, then found out Cindi's brother and sister-in-law were over her mother's, so we both went over to her place and... played more cards. :-) Phase 10 this time. Cindi won again, but I was right behind her! I was almost ready to go out, too.

I guess that's pretty much it.
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