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allow me to introduce Cindi

Now that I've called and told my mother and step-father, I can finally mention it here... I've met someone special and we both like each other a lot. I'm talking, of course, about Cindi. Since I know people are curious, here's a brief introduction.

She's 21 years old and is a senior at Eastern Michigan University. She's a proud geek, majoring in Math and Physics and expecting to graduate in April of 2004. She's the youngest in a large family, with four brothers and one sister. She plays Scrabble and Cranium and games of that sort. She ate the beef teriyaki I made for her last week, so she's obviously not a picky eater! ;-) So far, she seems to enjoy many of the same original/unusual movies that I enjoy, like American Beauty, The Truman Show, Fight Club, and Waking Life... movies that give you something to think about or that just aren't so predictable and flat, but has some sort of substance, you know? And, um... I assure you I know more about her than these few facts, but I'm sort of at a loss for what to say.

Here's a little excerpt from something I read a little while ago that I think is relevant and may help to explain at least part of the attraction:
Everyone wants someone that can understand and relate to them; geeks want intelligent people that can comprehend at least part of their rant about the faulty piece of code or how their engineering theory catches fire in reality. It's nice to find someone that gets at least as excited as you do about the latest innovations in computing technology, if not more. Or, for non-computer geeks, someone who can double-check your proofs or someone with whom you "have chemistry" with. And yes, specialty geeks are cross-compatible.

More than just finding someone smart, we want someone who will learn. Those of us who have gone through so much "trouble" to learn...we did it because we find learning fun. Because we're irresistably drawn to whatever it is that we've come to specialize in, just as we're irresistably drawn to whomever it is we choose to share our lives with. We want someone who not only respects that desire to learn, but also someone who wants to learn more about us and the other love in our life. In turn, we want to know more about them, and their geeky specialty. That's the beauty of geek relationships: how much we can share with eachother.

Let me now momentarily diverge to the archetypal ideal couple. Even though I love fairy tales, they always lacked depth...and more importantly, so did their characters. Prince Charming has always been portrayed as that handsome, dashing man on the tall white horse who comes and saves the helpless princess from her doom and then takes her off for a nice ride into the sunset. Imagine what kind of conversation the two of them had later that night over the campfire...

PC: Hi.

HP: Hi. ::giggle::

PC: So...I'm a prince.

HP: And I'm a princess. ::giggle::

PC: Do you like hunting dogs? Or horses? Or battling?

HP: No, of course not! I much prefer sewing and needlecraft, and I like pretty dresses. Oh, and chocolate! But not too much chocolate - I need to watch my princessly figure! ::giggle::

PC: Very well then. Will you marry me?

HP: Sure! ::giggle::

Prince Charming couldn't keep a shegeek happy if his life depended on it. And all of the geeks I know would just as soon sabotage the Princess' network connection to keep her from flooding the network with Windows filesharing and incessant "lol"ing on AIM before they'd even consider going up and talking to her. Amongst the chain-letter spam floating around on the internet is one I remember reading long ago, in which it said (in a comparison of types of relationships vs. people) "smart person + smart person = romance." Geeks that end up together are ones that respect eachother's intellect and have interests in common, the ones that find eachother to be cute in their own geeky way, and the ones that get warm fuzzy feelings when they open emails from one another. They recognize that, in a world that often feels centered around the beautiful celebrities and the athletic sports stars, they prefer someone that they can cuddle with in front of a bad sci fi movie or recite obtuse coded poetry to for laughs.

And so it is with me and Cindi! :-)

I met Cindi through Dan and Kerene. They knew her from some small church they all attended way back in high school. Cindi's one of Dan's sisters' best friends and her brother is now married to another one of Dan's sisters. Kerene thought from the very beginning that we would make a good couple and invited Cindi over in hopes that not only would she fit in with our little group and hang out with us more often, but also that her and I might be interested in each other. Sure enough, Kerene was right and before we knew it, we'd become a couple.

I'm not sure what else there is to say. Some of you will get a chance to meet her soon enough anyway. I met her mother and sister and her sister's husband and kids this past weekend. Cindi will be going to Ohio with me this coming weekend to meet my mother and step-father and grandparents. My uncle Tim and Smita will be coming through there, too, for a wedding and will drop their kids off at my grandparents, so Cindi will probably be able to get at least a glimpse of them, too. Bekah's coming back to Michigan for a quick visit next week, so I hope to get a chance to introduce her to Cindi as well.

And you'll just have to be satisfied with that for now. :-)
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