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a couple more chords

Cindi taught me a couple more chords the other day and says I'm doing pretty well. Not sure how much I believe that, considering I haven't been practicing as much as I should, but it's good encouragement. I keep forgetting to associate the chord name with the strings, too. So if you asked me to play D, I probably wouldn't know what to play. I know what's C, G, and Em, though. And I think I know A... which means, okay, maybe I could do D. Alright, nevermind. But you can see I still have to think about it and do the whole process of elimination thing. The A chord is tricky. My fingers are too long, so I've got to learn to get those three strings without touching a fourth. I'm sure I'll get it... just need to practice.

Dan, Kerene, and Jonathan have been sick lately. Not quite sure how that'll affect plans for the weekend. It might be good for them to have a weekend off from having company. Though Dan apparently still wants to do another campfire! I'm pretty sure Kerene would stay out of that one and Jonathan probably would, too, since it's getting cold here. The fire keeps me warm, though, so I'm good to go if Dan and Cindi are!

I guess that's all I've got to say right now. Will update again soon.
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