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how did this apartment get like this!?

I'm expecting company tomorrow, so I'm cleaning like crazy today. How did this place get so bad!? I cleaned this place up once, I can do it again. And I maintained it for awhile, too, but... I usually go over to Dan and Kerene's instead of having them over here or I'll meet up with Khan over in Detroit... so I guess not having anyone over for a long time made it easier for me to let it slide back into the disaster area it is now. And Dan and Kerene, when they would come over, would often surprise me and see the place before I've had a chance to clean up, so I guess I felt like I didn't have to keep up the front anymore. *sigh* And now I start all over...

Cindi passes right by my apartment on her way home from classes at Eastern, so, if she's not too tired after her last class on Monday, she may stop by and maybe help give me some direction with the guitar and grab something to eat before going home.

Hmmm... it's not too late in the year to just hang out outside, is it? says tomorrow's high is 56°... that's not too bad, is it? Grrr... okay, no more procrastinating... time to kill this mess! :-)
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