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why does the weekend have to end?

Lunch time!

I had a great weekend! I hung out with Dan, Kerene, and Cindi the whole weekend. Well, Kerene had to sit out of Sunday's events due to all the work she has to do for law school, but we hope to be able to get more of her time next weekend.

We planned to get a spot at some campground not too terribly far from us (about twenty five minutes away) and setup a fire for s'mores, but by the time Dan and I got there to reserve the place for later that night, all the spots were taken. So Dan found a great spot in the woods near north campus and prepared before the rest of us got out there. We weaved our way through the trees to a forgotten little bridge over a stream that, I'm sure, has seen more water before. The fire was nice and warm and the s'mores made a nice treat.

Cindi and Dan brought their guitars out with us and Cindi is trying to teach me. I've been wanting to know how to play for a long time now, but learning it, I know, will be a real challenge. I just hope I don't wear away her patience!

We decided last week that we'd get some washable hair dye and color me blue for a day, so I went over to Dan and Kerene's Sunday morning (early afternoon?), Dan cut my hair, and Kerene and Cindi had their way with my hair. It actually came out looking pretty good. Of course, we had to go out in public then! :-) We met up with some of Dan's sisters and some of their friends and played volleyball. I've never played before, but everyone was so friendly and inviting that they made feel at ease. Reminded me of camp at the end of 9th grade. After several games, I got some more practice time in on the guitar. I'll be glad when my fingers toughen up, so I can concentrate more on learning the chords than holding the strings down. Dan was going to loan me his guitar to practice with during the week, but the bridge mysteriously disappeared while he was changing the strings. We'll try to get that replaced sometime this week so I can get some practice in so my instructor can be proud of me and move me on to whatever's next once the weekend rolls around again.

Dan and Cindi and I all rode together to the park, so we came back with Dan before going our separate ways. Cindi had told Dan's sister she'd spend the night over there, so she headed back out to Dan's parents' house. I had just gotten home when Dan called me up. Kerene was still working on stuff for law school, so he figured she could use some more time to herself. He was taking Jonathan over to his parents' for a little while and wondered if I'd be into going with him. Knowing there wasn't much left to the weekend, I decided to enjoy what little of it was left, so I jumped in my car and met him once again at his place. We got there and drank coffee -- we all needed at that point -- and played Cranium, girls vs. the guys. That was really fun... Dan and I work well together. The game combines pictionary and charades and trivia. I'm not the best at coming up with good clues for Dan, but it was great how fast I could guess his. It was close game, but Dan and I won.

And with that, it was time to give in and let the weekend go. I got home and washed the blue out of my hair and went to sleep. Reluctantly got of bed this morning, but got to work feeling good and ready to tackle the day. :-)

Back to work...
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