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Labor Day weekend

Labor Day weekend, overall, went well. Aaron's birthday was the 30th and my mother planned to surprise him by meeting us at my grandparents, if only for a day. He kept bugging me on Saturday about getting something to eat, so I finally took him to Burger King. As we were pulling up to my grandparents', I noticed my mother's car. She didn't park directly outside their house, but I saw the Pennsylvania license plate, the U of M decals I'd gotten for her and Dave and the decal for Lackawanna College, where she taught a class and Dave is getting his associate's degree. And my brother is generally a lot more visually perceptive than I am and he has perfect eyesight, so I was worried that the surprise had been ruined. But, alas, he was too caught up in conversation to notice. And was genuinely surprised to see my mother there when he walked in. :-)

Aunt Heidi made it there, too. She and my cousins Nick and Ryan got there Saturday and stayed until Monday, like me, and took Aaron home with them. My father'll be going down to Ohio to visit his father this weekend and will pick Aaron up while he's there.

It was a nice visit and I'm really glad to have gotten Aaron down there, since it'd been so long since he's gotten to visit family and even when my grandparents came up to Michigan for my graduation, he was too tired from work that day to really socialize. But we played cards and had a good time. And I even managed to beat Grandma at canasta once! I never thought that would happen! :-)

So that was my Labor Day weekend.
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