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my new computer is finally up and running!

I got [just about] everything setup last night. (Need to connect the firewire and CD audio cables, but I believe that's it, hardware-wise.) And although the old computer is still acting as my mailserver right now, I expect to have that switched over tonight without any disruption whatsoever. (I'll set the software up on the new computer, copy the configuration and data files over, then just change one setting in the router and traffic will instantly be directed to the new setup.) So... since the university will set my university email address to forwarding only, you may update your address books with my new email address, paul @ Of course, since they'll be forwarding my email and not just closing the account, email to either address will reach me, but the new address is where email will ultimately be delivered.

I'm very please with my new setup! I've got a tv tuner with my new system and it's currently set to record Crossfire, since CNN so rudely moved it to 4:30pm, knowing full well that I'm still at work at that time! So we'll see how well that works when I get home tonight. Though pausing live tv worked just fine last night, so I don't imagine this'd be any different. If this PVR (personal video recorder) setup works as well as I hope it will, I may never have to worry about missing Crossfire because I'm at work, The Daily Show because I'm too tired, or Real Time with Bill Maher because it's a Friday night and I'm not home. Ahh... that will be so nice!
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