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My father and brother got me a motherboard and processor for graduation and I've only recently gotten to the point where I was caught up enough on my bills to be willing to buy everything else I need. My plan isn't to replace the computer I've got (because just about everything - memory, cpu, video card, etc. - would be replaced in an upgrade), but to have a second computer, with the current one reformatted and setup as a Linux box. (They'll have to share the monitor, keyboard, and mouse, though.)

So I got everything but the hard drive this week (hard drive is in the mail, should arrive no later than Tuesday) and decided to temporarily move one of the hard drives from the existing computer over to make sure everything was working. No video. After messing around with the thing for far too many hours, I decided to give up. I ended up taking the motherboard in to the computer parts store to get tested and they said it was a dud. It was still under warranty, though, so they swapped me a new one and I brought that home. Got everything setup again and... no video. Gah! Frustrating! (Not to mention how I got this huge, deep gash on my finger from when my hand slipped trying to get one of those metal plates behind the bay cover to twist off.)

One of the things I noticed when setting it up was that there are two sets of switches. In the manual, the first set has five switches and the second has two. On the actual motherboard, the first set has six and the second is a single switch. The manual recommends leaving the switches in the configuration they were in when shipped to allow the motherboard to auto-detect the settings for you. Problem is, the picture in the book shows a different default configuration than how the motherboard was initially configured. Needless to say, things were all screwed up and it took me a little while to figure out how things needed to be set. Once I did, the machine finally powered up just fine. Finally!

So, by the middle of next week, I should be up and running with a new computer!

One of the first things I do will be to get my mailserver setup again... because my university email space will go bye-bye at the end of the month! They'll redirect mail to a new address, though, so any mail ever sent to the university address will still reach me. Will let everyone know my new email address once that's all setup again on the new computer!

Gotta get to a Tetris match now! :) Later!
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