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things are getting busy again

Things are starting to get busy for me again, but it's a good busy. When I was transferred over from tech support to programming at my current job, I originally worked under Michael's supervision. At the beginning of the year, they shifted me over to help Jane out because she was overloaded and need the help, but I enjoyed the projects I worked on under Michael much better than the work I did under Jane's supervision. Recently, they shifted me back to Michael, where I think everyone now knows I am much happier and more productive. :-) So I am happier and more productive now... also busier and more into my work.

Michael and I just had a great discussion where we made some really exciting realizations about our internal website and how to make it a lot easier to use and administrate! The off-the-top-of-our-heads timeline for some of the projects extend into next year, though. This is a real mixed bag for me. On the one hand, it means a little more job security for this supposedly temporary position. But, on the other hand, I don't really want to be working here that long. But the work I'm doing now is more in line with what I enjoy, so it's not that this job is intolerable or anything like that. I just want a better job. And if I can't get that better job by the end of the year and I'm going to stay where I am right now then, well, I'd like to not be considered "temporary" (and get the benefits that go along with being classified a "permanent, full-time" employee). The "temporary" classification, though, allows me to quit this job for a better one with less strain on my conscience. (I know, it's not really that big of a deal. People quit. It happens. But quitting a job is not something I look forward to.) Ack!

I do have my car back - got it back last Thursday - and it's running fine now. *does happy dance* :) Many many many thanks to my mother and Dave and my dad for all their help, financial and otherwise! It's a really stressful thing to have to be without your car for as long as I was without mine and then have to shell out so much money to get it back, but everyone made that whole ordeal a lot easier on me than it otherwise would have been.

I'd previously worked my budget so that I retained as much money as possible for a potential period of joblessness, but the renewed sense of job security at work and then the car repairs have both shaken things up a bit. I'm still budgeting for a security/sanity buffer that'll continue to grow, but I'm less strict with myself over spending and have alotted money to recover from the car repairs and also to reward myself with parts for a new computer. :) By late-August, I should have everything I need for the computer and will setup a little home network where that one becomes my primary computer and this one gets converted to a Linux box. :) With a good router, I should be able to run webservers on both computers, using different ports, of course. This would be nice as it'd allow me to get some good practice with things I've been itching to get into! :) Oh, oh, oh!!! And the video card I'm planning on getting has a built-in TV-tuner which would allow me to not only watch tv on my computer, but also pause tv! Comes complete with an RF remote. :)
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