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I miss my car! :-(

My car is in the shop. Has been since last week. And it's driving me crazy. I stayed with my father Tuesday thru Friday of last week so that it'd be easier for him to give me a ride to and from work. So not only do I not have a car right now, but all my time in a car is spent with my father at the wheel. And anyone who's ever been in the car with him knows what that means. (No offense, Dad.)

I did go back to Ann Arbor for the weekend, though. Helped Dan and Kerene move into their new apartment and ended up crashing on their sofa Friday night. I'm really glad I was still able to help them with the move. Dan loaned me his Super Nintendo and several games so I can practice and get good enough to keep him from beating me too easily. :-)

I spent all of Sunday at home and slept through most of it. At one point, I was feeling really thirsty and decided to run over to the store and pick up some pop or juice or something... until I remembered that I didn't have my car and "run to the store" now meant that I'd have to actually run to the store. :-( I decided to walk, instead, but the Blockbuster was closer, so I went there, picked up Empire of the Sun and a couple cherry cokes and walked back.

The boy who played the main character in Empire of the Sun, Christian Bale, later starred in American Psycho. It was really difficult for me to see the boy and not think of that other movie. I think I'm going to have to watch it at least two more times before I can make that separation. It was a good movie, though.

I caught a little blurb about Ann Coulter's latest book, Treason, and I'm beginning to think she's really a liberal out to discredit the far right by showing how completely absurd the far right can be. I think that makes more sense than the theory that she's serious and the people who buy and read her books aren't reading them just for laughs. According to her, McCarthyism was a myth, the Democrats were wrong about Nixon, and Democrats haven't been right about anything, ever.

I forgot to mention before that Bekah won that competition. Her song will be put on a CD that'll be circulated to people in the biz.
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