Paul Hopper
Paul Hopper [link]
06 November 2009 @ 23:39:00
Six years, best hugs
 Six years.
In the past six years, I bought a house, got married, and had a kid of my own.  My daughter is nearly six months now and is simply adorable.  A lot has happened in six years.  A lot has changed.
Lately, I've found myself looking into my daughter's eyes, wondering what she sees, what she thinks when she stares back at me.  I think about my sister, my brother, my niece... and what we all lost six years ago.  My daughter doesn't even know it, but she lost someone special that day, too.  And, I look at her, and think about how important she is to me and feel like my father is really missing out on another granddaughter he would have been completely in love with.  So I have to cherish my beautiful baby girl that much more and try even harder to be the kind of father to her that my father was for me so that she may know what we know... what it's like to have a great dad.
I wish my father were here to see all the changes in our lives, to be a part of them.  He'd love his new granddaughter so much!  My wife would get a real kick out of my father, too.  He'd be proud of us all.  And he'd still be giving us some of the best hugs.
Six years, Dad.  You're still in our hearts, still in our memories.  And I hope there's some of you in me when I share with my daughter the best hugs.