Paul Hopper (paulhopper) wrote,
Paul Hopper

home stretch

Well, we're in the home stretch!  If baby arrives when expected, I'll be a daddy in just about one month!

We had our baby shower this past weekend, with family and friends coming from all over, which was really nice.  I think especially for Liz.  I know she wishes our parents could be here for the actual birth, but we all know that just isn't practical.  So it was nice to have them (and my grandmother!) over this past weekend for the shower.  As is always the case, though, the weekend was simply too short.

Mother and baby are both doing well, though.  We're at the point in the pregnancy now where there's a doctor appointment every week!  All indications are that baby is healthy and progressing normally.

To answer the common questions for anyone who didn't already know... No, we don't know the sex of the baby.  Yes, we have names picked out.  No, we aren't sharing the names with anyone.  Yes, Liz vetoed "Paul 2.0", the middle name "Danger", "Sue" (if it's a boy), "Amadeus Einstein Hopper", and "Bristol Obama Hopper".  Oh well, I tried! ;)

Although the baby was very cooperative for the ultrasound and the tech got a good look, we asked her to keep that info to herself.  And she did.  It's not even in the notes, so the doctor says she doesn't know, either!  I have to believe that she could tell from the ultrasound pictures, though.  I'm sure the tech included those in the file.
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