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27th birthday

What is this, reincarnation?  Have I really been born 27 times!?  Actually, since your first birthday comes a year after you were first born, maybe that makes it 28 times?

In any case, I am getting older.  I don't know what it is about being 27 years old that's all that different from being 26 and 364/365 years old, but it feels like, at 27, I'm... an adult.  It's not that I'm "supposed" to be an adult and not about external or even internal expectations.  It's just what I am.  No complaints.

Looks like I never posted here about my promotion.  In January, my title changed from "Computer Programmer" to "Software Supervisor".  And in a few weeks, I'll be moving from our Southfield office to our Detroit office (those two things aren't related).  I'll have my own office again (I've been sharing my office with one of the guys I supervise since we hired him a little over a year ago) and it'll be a little bigger, too. :)  Although the commute will be longer, I'll be able to carpool with Liz, her boss, and our friend Julie who was recently hired into the organization, so it shouldn't be too bad.

Can't think of anything else new to report.  Life goes on...
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