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back from my road trip

I went out of town two Fridays ago to go visit my mother with a stop along the way at my grandparents' (my mother's parents) and several stops along the way back at my aunt Amy's and aunt Heidi's and a quick visit with my grandfather (my father's father) before finally getting back home late Sunday night/early Monday morning at the beginning of the week. Lots of driving! But it was really good to get away from work and finally get to spend a good bit of time with my mother and visit the extended family. It'd been too long.

I brought some DVDs with me to my mother's: Office Space, The War, and 24 - Season One. I think my mother liked Office Space. Neither her nor Dave (my step-father) seemed too fond of The War. But 24... that was the clear winner! :-) We only got through the first six episodes, I believe, before the end of my visit, but I left the DVDs with them so they could finish the series on their own. I'll just have them mail me the DVDs when they're finishe. I'm just glad I finally managed to get someone else hooked on the series! :-)

I wouldn't blame anyone here at work for thinking the me that is now is an imposter... I've been getting in to work much earlier than usual. Yesterday, I got here at about 8:15am and today I got here at 8:00am. This early bird stuff isn't so bad. The traffic alone makes it worth it to get here early! And today, I took half an hour to eat some breakfast and finish waking up before bothering to sign in.

Still job hunting.

Bekah's made it to the final round of the contest. Good luck, Punk! :-)

I've discovered eBay. :-) I'd taken my cats over to my father's so they'd have someone to take care of them while I was away, but I've never had an actually cage or whatever to put them in for the drive. I used a computer box to bring them over and back, but the son of a... er... the cats kept breaking out of that. Even after I'd taped the thing shut fifty times over! It was a real headache. So, earlier this week, I decided to do a quick eBay search, even though I'd never used it before, and see if I could find something for them. Lo and behold, a woman who lives maybe twenty minutes from my job had put a couple on eBay. I bid and I got them! :-) I'll be picking them up today after work, so I don't know how big they really are (she gave the dimensions, but that means nothing to me... I'm really bad at that sort of thing), but they looked pretty big in the picture. If both cats can fit in one, I'll give the other to my sister for her cat.

La-di-da-di-da... I guess that's all for now.
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