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Thanksgiving through a straw, passing a stone's not like "pass the shoe", and business VoIP

Not sure how many of you are familiar with Jones Soda... they're known for having unusual flavors. Well, they have a special holiday pack out now that includes flavors like "turkey and gravy" and "wild herb stuffing". Sounds horrible, doesn't it!? I mean, seriously, who in their right mind would want to drink pop that tastes like turkey!?

I couldn't find any at the store, but Bekah called me the other day from a different store and said she saw some and asked me if I really did want to try it. Of course! Now, having tried the cranberry and wild herb stuffing, I think I'm well-qualified to tell you that I don't recommend you give it a try. Now you know.

I still wish they had the special regional pack that includes the "smoked salmon" flavor, but oh well. :)

In other news...

My kidney stone... oh, I had a kidney stone a few weeks ago. Anyway, it's been about two weeks now since I've had any pain from it, so I'm guessing it's passed by now. My guess is that it broke up and passed in bits and pieces. That's probably already more information than any of you care to know, but, suffice it to say, I'm fie now. Except that I'm "fine", not "fie", but the "n" seems to require a little extra pressure when typing on my keyboard. I guess it's time to dismantle it and give it a bath again. Heh... my keyboard's the oldest part of my computer at this point. If I'm not mistaken, I believe it's about 8 years old. :)

Things have been very busy on the work front. My coworker Tom and I have been meeting with Cisco, 3Com, and Nortel vendors for Voice over IP phone systems. That's taken up a lot of our time and, with the organization's budget situation (we've had some high-level layoffs recently), we're not sure we're even going to be able to convince the powers that be to sign off on the project. A VoIP phone system would definitely be cheaper in the long run both to use and to maintain, but requires significant investment in infrastructure. I think the advantages outweigh the costs and that there's the potential for a return on investment that goes beyond simple long-distance savings, but even if the powers that be can be convinced of all of that, the infrastructure costs are what they are and if the money's not there... what can you do? We'll see.
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