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Father's Day, my mother's birthday, Independence Day, and a weekend of nothing

I had an update post all written out that I just needed to type up and post, but, alas, I can't find it now that I have the time, so...

Three weeks ago was Father's Day. I went with Liz up north to spend the weekend with her family. We stayed to watch the Pistons game late Sunday night... then drove back right after the game. It took a day or two to fully recover, but it was nice to be able to watch the game. Too bad the Pistons lost that one (and, later, the series)!

My mother's birthday was a couple weeks ago and Dave had the idea the last time Liz and I visited them to do a surprise visit for her birthday. And so we did. We flew out that Friday evening only to get to Pennsylvania and discover our luggage didn't make it there with us. Dave had told my mother he had to help his brother with an emergency plumbing problem and picked us up at the airport. We pulled over and shut the engine off when we got close to the house so he could warn her he was sending his nephew or someone to pick up a tool from the basement and asked if she could let him in. We stopped again a little ways down the street from the house so Liz and I could get out, ensuring that my mother would only hear one car door open and close when Dave got there. Now, I should point out that we all thought my mother had already figured it out or was at least suspicious. She'd just happened to call me when Liz and I were on our way to the airport and, well, we just thought she might have figured it out already. But I rang the doorbell and she answered, expecting someone not-Me and was genuinely surprised to see us standing there. :)

We went the whole weekend without anyone being able to tell us where our luggage was. It's a bit disconcerting when the airline tells you they really have no idea where it could be. I mean, if they'd said "oops, our bad, it's in the Bahamas, but we'll get it to you as soon as we can", I would have at least felt comforted that my luggage enjoyed a trip to the Bahamas, even if I wasn't invited. But, no, those stickers they put on your luggage with the bar codes that, presumably, identify your luggage as yours, where it's coming from, and where it's supposed to go are rarely actually scanned. Lovely, eh?

It was a nice visit, though, even if it was a bit busy. And I got some new clothes out of it, too. :)

My grandparents (mother's side) came from Ohio to visit on Sunday right after church. For the most part, we just played cards — canasta and Phase 10 — and sat around and took it easy. If I recall correctly Poppa lost every game, which is really quite remarkable. I mean, he didn't just not-win... he came in last place every single time! Grandma, on the other hand, wasn't as nice and won, I think, every single game. :) They stayed two nights and left on Tuesday morning to continue on to their next destination as I left for work.

And this weekend... ah, this weekend I get to just sit around and relax and take it easy. Too bad I started the day with a headache and had to work a little bit today (I was able to do work remotely, from home, but that's beside the point, really) and I've done dishes and still have laundry to do, but I'll make sure I get some relaxing done this weekend, too! ;)

Liz and Brandi called earlier to say that their apartment shopping was done. They found an apartment they like and have put in an application and all of that. If I'm lucky, they say they may actually tell me where they'll be moving! And if I'm really lucky, I'll have to go out of town for a business trip the weekend of the actual move! :)
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