Paul Hopper (paulhopper) wrote,
Paul Hopper

Spoil'd Ray Loaf

What's a "ray loaf"? It can be anything I want it to be, that's what! Because I made it up. :)

I almost did an April Fool's Day post this morning, but... as you all probably know, I'm not that funny. :) Or creative. :) So you've been spared. Then again, I've been so bad about updating this thing that maybe I "got" you by making you think, if only for an instant, that this was going to be a "real" post?

Or maybe I'm really lame and just grasping at straws? Bah!

I'm bored. I think I'll win the lottery tonight. It's at $75 million. I was going to wait until it got up to $100 million to buy the winning ticket, but I don't want to be greedy. First thing I'll buy when I cash in my ticket will be... hmm... probably gas. I've got about a quarter tank left, enough to get me through the weekend, but if I cash my winning ticket in on Monday morning, I'll probably need to fill up on my way into work, so I guess that'd make that the first thing I buy. I will not let becoming a multi-millionaire change me, so don't expect to see any difference in me after I win tonight. In fact, I probably won't even mention it again. ;)
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