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meme: How cool am I?

I definitely did not choose country music or the milkshake option and I still got:

Napoleon Dynamite You're pretty cool. You... can be really great company and make good conversation, but you kind of cross that line a bit more often than others when your coolness starts to taper. You're disconnected at times and eratically so, so you can be hard to read. This may be the result of other things going on, but... nothing's new under the sun. Cut the burdens loose in some heart to hearts. People may think you're posing or being dishonest when you've got that chip on your shoulder that you won't budge to remove. Things to watch for: being overly assertive with your opinion accompanied by an all-too-serious disposition. If it's important, granted... bring it up when it's the right time and be as direct as possible without losing too much tact. It's cool to trust your friends. You sometimes apply too much pressure, but other times you are the king/queen of everyone's hearts because you tend to be genuine... even if too genuine, and poeople love you for that. You also may have gotten into this spot because you like country music...? I'm sorry.

How cool are you?
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I haven't seen Napolean Dynamite (that's where, apparently, the pic comes from), but I get the feeling that the "You're pretty cool" line is just to somehow make me feel better. :) I'm thinking my coolness rating might be related in some way to the fact that when I read "You're pretty cool", I instantly thought of two songs from the musical West Side Story... "I Feel Pretty" and "Cool". Whatever! :)
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