Paul Hopper (paulhopper) wrote,
Paul Hopper


Haven't posted since Thanksgiving and three-word posts shouldn't really count. Sorry, been busy. And just not in the writing mode. But I know I'm due for an update!

I got an email from my Aunt Mary the other day. My Granddad had surgery on his neck last week and is doing great. He was able to stand up by the side of the bed. He needed help, but he hadn't been able to do even that much for over a year! He's got two more surgeries yet, but he'll be doing rehab at the hospital in the meantime, so that's good.

My Aunt Mary has been dealing with foot surgery and stuff for the past year and it sounds like she's got more ahead of her, with a different doctor this time. I'll leave it at that. (Still need to email her back!)

Liz had a doctor's appointment back home on Monday. I went with her on Sunday so she'd have some company for the long drive there and back. Hung out with a couple of her friends while we there, which was nice because I hang out with Brandi entirely too much and I'm soooo tired of her, as she is of me! (Love you, Brandi!) :)

Looking forward to hanging out with Megan later on today and I need to hang out with Dara sometime very soon since she'll be graduating and leaving Michigan for Texas! >:( It's not fair!

Looking ahead, my mother, Dave, and step-sister Jill will be over for Christmas. Bekah's staying in California. (No snow for Christmas!?) Aaron'll be over, too. I think he'll be bringing his girlfriend with him, but I'm not 100% certain since the last time we adjusted the schedule. I need a bigger house! :)
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