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water, gas

My subdivision uses a community well and they're flushing the system today. (They only have to flush the system three times a year.) They sent emails and put up signs and I knew this yesterday, but forgot this morning. So I can't take a shower for another couple hours, I think. Fortunately, I just refilled my jug of water for the refrigerator, so I was able to use some of that very cold water for brushing my teeth! :)

My first month in the house, I got a huge gas bill, which I paid but they later corrected. I got my most recent gas bill yesterday. I still have a credit of about $35. For those of you who might be interested (Mom and Dave), I used 31 CCF of gas this past month. It's getting colder, though, and I'm sure I'll more than use up that $35 credit for the next bill. I'm making a conscious effort to get used to using the furnace as little as possible.

I've got plenty of things on my to-do list for this weekend. None of which I'm all that excited about doing, but... eh. Right now I think I'm going to take my unshowered self to the grocery store real quick, because I'm hungry.
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