Paul Hopper (paulhopper) wrote,
Paul Hopper

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photo gallery

Been too caught up with other stuff to mention it here in a post, but I now have a photo gallery, in case anyone's interested. There are lots of pictures of the house from before I moved anything in and a few after photos.

I've been bathing in medicine to ease the poison ivy stuff. It looks to me like the first rash I noticed is starting to go away. I'm just trying to remember if I got that one over Labor Day weekend or last weekend. I think it's from Labor Day weekend, which would mean I could expect these other, more recent rashes to stick around through next week. :-(

I'm going to eat, rub some more lotion on, then go to sleep. Doesn't your body do a better job of fighting infections and healing and all of that when you're asleep? I hope I'm not making that up. :-)

Good night everyone!
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