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Saturday - yardwork, visitors

My mother and step-father brought me a gift. They got me an edge trimmer! We really put it to some good use today, too! The grass is cut. We've got mulch around most of the trees in the front. We pulled the vines off the side of the garage (still have to get the back, though, and there are a few creeping up the other side of the house). Put some insulation around the water heater. I know I've got to be leaving a lot of stuff out, but that's just because I'm tired. We got a lot done today. Looks good, too!

Yvonne brought my neice Kayla and her older brother Kendrick over today. I hardly see them, so it was nice to have them over. Kayla doesn't really know who I am. My mother's friend Ann came over today, too. She brought her daughter Ami and one of Ami's friends, whose name I can't recall. Ann wasn't here long before the others got here, so there was plenty of company. The girls were all over the place — in the sun room, the basement, outside. I really appreciate that they had places to go and have fun that weren't necessarily right where the adults were. Not that any of them are annoying or anything like that. It's just nice to have room so everyone doesn't have to be in the same place all at once. I was sitting on the living room floor talking about the one time I saw a deer in the backyard. Someone asked how close it had come and I look out the window to point to where I'd seen it and, lo and behold, there were two deer in my backyard! :-) I called the girls up from the basement and Kendrick over from the computer room to see. I snapped a few pictures with my step-father's digital camera since it was more accessible at the moment than mine. Not sure how those pictures came out, though. I may want to load them onto the computer and see if I can fix them up some, because I think they may need a little work done on them since it was just getting ready to get dark outside when I snapped the pictures.

My other nieces are supposed to be over tomorrow, so I'm looking forward to that. My mother and Dave'll pick them up in the morning, then go to my mother's old church. I'll meet them there and we'll all come back to the house. I saw Big Fish today. (Well, we started it yesterday, but we were all so sleepy, we couldn't finish it.) That was one my mother brought. I liked it. I'll be adding that one to my mile-long buy list. :-) I'm hoping we can get to Playing by Heart tomorrow. That's one of my most recent buys. I don't think Dave will like it, but my mother might and she seemed interested in giving it a try, so we'll see.

My eyelids are heavy now. I guess that means it's time for me to go to sleep. Good night all!
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