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Labor Day weekend

My mother and step-father are on their way over now, somewhere near Toledo last I talked to them.  The plans for the weekend is just to get a couple projects around the house done, play some cards, maybe watch some movies or something and that's about it.  Aaron called yesterday to say he might come over tomorrow.  He called me again a little while ago to say that his car speakers busted and he's gotta be in the general area to get those fixed, so he may come over today instead.  We might be picking up my nieces and bringing them over.  There's the vague idea that my other neice's mother may be coming by sometime this weekend.  Nothing's for certain until it happens!

My mother had called the people at the cemetary about the bench we ordered and they told her it should be placed sometime this week, I believe.  I haven't been by there yet this week to see, though.

I've tried to switch the cats over to using some pine-based litter that's a little cheaper than the clay stuff and is supposed to last longer and be better for the cats (I guess the dust from the clay stuff isn't good for them).  They seem a little reluctant to use the stuff.  I've got two litter boxes where I put the pine stuff underneath the regular litter and two other litter boxes with just the pine stuff.  When I made my rounds yesterday evening, I noticed that they still haven't started using the litter boxes with all pine litter, though they've been using the other two.

Been trying to catch as much of the convention as possible.  The Republican convention seemed so negative.  And the speakers talked a lot about Kerry, trying their best to thoroughly trash him.  I don't know... I would think that if they felt so great about the job Bush has done that they'd emphasize how great and wonderful everything is, but all I hear instead is trash-talk about Kerry and 9/11-Iraq, 9/11-Iraq.  (No mention of Osama!)  Funny thing is, the Republicans wanted to push their convention back to be as close as possible to 9/11 and ended up missing the deadline to get on the ballot in Alabama!  I'm sure they'll find some way of getting the legislators in Alabama to change their elections laws in order to accomodate the Bush campaign, though.

Today is my supervisor's last day before going to contigent status.  We're gonna miss the guy!  We got him a gift certificate to Best Buy as a going away gift.

Got an email from someone from high school asking me how life was going.  Started writing a long email back and decided to postpone my response for another day.

It's been a long week.  Especially since I've been staying up late for the convention coverage.  The long weekend will be nice!  And better still to have family visiting to enjoy it with. :-)
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