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free speech, opinions, and outright lies

Gah, this is so frustrating! I keep hearing about the Swift Boat Veterans and their negative ad campaign against John Kerry. Those on the left say their claims simply aren't true and point to the official records of the Navy. The Kerry campaign, of course, wants those ads to stop. Defenders of the Swift Boat Veterans argue that "they're entitled to their opinions". Ahem, keyword: opinions. But they're not voicing opinions, they're making an attack that not only has no basis in the factual record, but even contradicts the official Navy record. And they waited all these years to correct the record? Even accepted medals themselves based on a supposedly false record? Give me a break!

To tell you the truth, I don't think they care so much about the initial allegations that he didn't really earn his medals. I mean, they do, but their plan was larger than that from the very beginning. Now they've gotten everyone's attention. Now people are going to pay more attention to what they do next — Kerry's anti-war activities post-Vietnam. And they've already got commercials attacking him for that now. And now is when the "opinion" defense works. But the first set of commercials were based on lies and attacks on the factual record. They just couldn't get to his anti-war activities post-Vietnam as easily and with as much attention had they not ran the first set of ads first.

And why is it that they keep talking about Kerry attacking and discrediting "honorable, decorated Vietnam veterans", but they don't recognize that the Swift Boat Veterans, ignoring the official Navy record and things some of them have said themselves about Kerry in the past and their own medals, that the Swift Boat Veterans are attacking Kerry, an honorable, decorated Vietnam veteran? Grrr!

Pot. Kettle. Black.
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