Paul Hopper (paulhopper) wrote,
Paul Hopper

duct-taped cardboard boxes

I got the bagger attachment for the riding mower today. It came with a new set of blades designed to kick the cut grass up higher so it could be more easily swept up into the bagger. After removed the housing unit for the blades, I whipped out my socket wrench and worked on getting the old blades off. No go. The socket began to crack as I worked on getting one of the bolts off. Only one out of the four I needed to remove was willing to budget at all. So... I guess I'll be going to Sears to shop for a heavier duty socket set! I thought about just leaving the current blades on there, because it doesn't look like the difference is all that significant, just judging by the blades themselves, but if I'm going to do it, I might as well do it right.

Today was "moving more stuff day". Bekah rented a U-Haul and, with a couple guys, got it all loaded up with everything from her storage unit and what remained in Aaron's, before turning in the keys for both. I had just given up on the mower as she pulled up and, wearing jeans and a wife-beater and looking like I should be a guest star on Cops, I offered to help with the unloading. We managed to get it done fairly quickly and now we're just waiting for Bekah to come back with the pizza. All this in a matter of just a few hours, really.

And so ends the day!
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