Paul Hopper (paulhopper) wrote,
Paul Hopper

almost done

Technically, I'm supposed to be out of the apartment today, the 31st. But tomorrow's Sunday and the office is closed... so I left with things not quite done. I know the grief I'm experiencing now is due in large part to my own lack of organization, but... *sigh* ... even when I've taken the time to get things organized, I guess I just wasn't very productive. And it doesn't help that I'm moving all of my crap after living there for three years, but there was a lot of my sister's and father's stuff there, too. I can't believe how much stuff came out of that apartment!

I've only got about one car load worth of stuff left, if that. I'm going to go over there as early as I can get up and get moving tomorrow morning, load up the car, then give the apartment a good scrub down before leaving for the last time!

I moved the cats over today. They're sticking to one corner of the basement for now. They know where their litter boxes are. I showed them where their food is. They've got some of their toys and things down there. They should be okay.

I stink. I need to take a shower.

I think I saw a fox in my backyard this morning. I wonder what other creatures I'll see. I think I'll still need to keep the cats indoors! I don't want any fox coming along and grabbing one of them.

Well, I'm off to take my shower. I'll be done with the old apartment tomorrow. Then... unpacking! Oh what joy! :)

Good night all!
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