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moving week

I hate moving. I'm sore and in pain and tired. Khan helped me get the big stuff moved over yesterday. I did one more trip with U-Haul earlier today by myself before turning it in. Still some things left at the apartment that I'll have to get tomorrow, along with the cats, and then there's cleaning to do! I'm hoping that they'll say I can just drop the key in the drop box if I don't finish until after they close, because that'd give me Sunday, too, if I need it. I hope I won't, but it'd be nice to have just in case. I hate moving. And I'm bad at it, too. I'll be so glad when this is all done and over with!

I heard they just found a CD with some lost votes from Florida's 2002 gubernatorial election. Gov. Jeb Bush assures everyone electronic voting is safe, secure, and reliable. Hah! What's so hard about keeping a paper trail of the votes!? Sheesh!

I've got food in the oven. I'm going to crawl over to the couch and crash. (Makes me so glad the oven has a timer! If I fall asleep, eh, oh well!)

I'll try to catch up on emails and such after the move is finally over.
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