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first night in the new house

I spent my first night in the new house Sunday night. Didn't realize until I got there that the gas hadn't been turned back on as I was told. So... no hot water. So... cold shower. Brrrr! It was nice, though. It wasn't until it started to get dark outside that it really began to sink in that the house is mine. :) It's still a little hard to believe. I'm so anxious to be all moved in! I'm really going to like getting home from work in a mere fifteen minutes! What am I going to do with all that extra time!? I know, Dave... cut the grass. :)

I still don't have a truck. Aaron's supposed to be looking at one and getting back to me. I hope to get one as soon as possible so I can have it for moving.

Someone from the gas company will be out on Thursday to turn the gas back on and I'll have to meet them. They didn't give a time, but said they'd call my work number before going over there. My cable installation is scheduled for Monday afternoon. And I'll be taking next Thursday and Friday off. I'd take some time off this week, but I've got a meeting tomorrow and another on Friday and I don't feel like I've got enough stuff ready for me to really take advantage of having Thursday off. If I can get the truck, it'll be easy for me to make trips back and forth over the weekend to get everything moved over. If I don't get a truck soon, though, I'll have to put in a lot of time getting everything at the apartment packed up so I can move it in a U-Haul all at once at the end of next week. If only I had friends willing to help me. *sigh* Just kidding!!! Everyone's offers to help are very much appreciated, but I really do want to try and do as much as possible on my own. I'm just stubborn like that. :) Of course, we'll see how stubborn I am this time next week!!! LOL! But for now, the plan is to do as much as I can on my own. Thank you, though.

Well, I've gotta get back to work!
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