Paul Hopper (paulhopper) wrote,
Paul Hopper

bad news just keeps coming

My step-father, davesmith, wrote today:
Just when you think things are going well, coming together and you can relax a little, lighting strikes.

For my family it came in the form of phone calls from our sister, Joanne. She was at CMC, in the ICU, with my nephew Matthew. He had been struck by a mini-van and was in critical condition.
This all happened Wednesday evening. As of this writing, he is still unconscious and we do not know how extensive, or if there is any brain damage.
Matt took a severe blow to the head, (the van was shown on the local news and there was a hole in the windshield where he was struck) and his brain was swelling. The trauma surgeon told us it was actually good that Matt had suffered fractures, as it gave the cerebral fluid somewhere to go, thus relieving the pressure somewhat. His blood pressure was fluctuating widely and he was running a fever. He was/is on a respirator to aid his breathing. He suffered cuts on his neck from the windshield.
He's only 19 years old and was just pulling his life together.

Please pray for him, or if you don't believe in prayer, send good thoughts his way. Matt needs all the positive energy he can get.
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