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so much wrong in the world

On the way to Pennsylvania this past Friday, I checked my voicemail, which had a few messages I never checked from earlier in the week. One of the messages was from a friend of mine who was recently in a hit-and-run car accident along with her girlfriend that left their car totaled. Both of them were fine, but dealing with the insurance company was a headache. I'd given her some advice and I initially expected her message to be an update on how that was going. Though she did mention that things were going okay in that regard, that wasn't the reason for her phone call.

She returned home with her girlfriend one day to their apartment, where an intruder was waiting for them in some dark corner. While the girlfriend was taking a shower, the intruder tied up my friend, then waited for the girlfriend. He stole what money they had and raped them both.

They recognized who the guy was and reported him to police, who found him and arrested him. They went to the hospital and did the rape kit thing and will be taking this to court.

After this incident, neither felt comfortable staying in their apartment and called their loving families to see if they could stay with them until they could figure something else out. My friend's mother told her of course she could stay with her for a little while... but her "roommate" could not. Her girlfriend's mother was equally compassionate.

They're staying with the girlfriend's sister for now. It's less than ideal, but at least they're together.
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