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weekend trip to PA and back

Well, Cindi and I left for Pennsylvania on Friday at about 3:30pm. About nine hours later, we got there, safe and sound.

We played some poker early in the day Saturday and, even though my mother was pretty new to it, she took most of the $3.00 in nickels, dimes, and quarters I started off with. It was comical, really. I could have four queens and raise the pot a bunch and she'd stay in and beat me with four kings. That's just the way it was. No matter what I had, she'd have something just a little better and take my money. Beginner's luck. Right? Right.

My mother had planned a surprise birthday party for my step-father, davesmith, the week before, but, knowing that it's really hard to surprise him, she planned a second in case he figured out the first one. Who would expect to get two surprise birthday parties!? It turned out that the first one worked, but those were mostly people from their church and the second one she was planning was with family and friends from work. So, on Saturday, while they went to pick up my step-sister from work and run a few errands, Cindi and I stayed behind to let people in and get things setup. My mother left her set of keys so I could run out and get a few bags of ice and move the cars to make room for others. As it turned out, everyone was able to find parking away from the house so he wasn't at all suspicious of anything as he pulled into the driveway. He walked in and couldn't believe it. :-) There was plenty of food and lots of people and everyone seemed to have a good time.

My mother skipped church on Sunday morning, but Dave had long been scheduled for a part in the service, so he went, but he got back a good while before we left for Michigan at about 3:00pm. We made good time and I got home at around 12:15am, took a shower, and went to bed.

This morning, my mother called and got me out of bed. (Good thing, too, because I needed to get going for work.) She was wondering if I still had her keys. Oops! Er, um, uhhhh... yeah. She said she'd be able to work things out, that she was wondering if I'd set them down somewhere or had them with me. I'm really bad about mailing things, especially if it means I've got to go to the post office, but I got the keys mailed off to her first thing this morning.

And now I'm here at work and need to get stuff done!
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