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here's your update!

I'm overdue for an update. Here's everything I can think of at the moment rolled into a single post.

Here at work, we finished the website for Lutheran Services Florida a couple weeks ago and have gotten a lot of compliments on it. I was forwarded an email this morning from someone down in Florida who said they were showing it off to people in their synod office and the synod was quite impressed with it, too. It's nice to know that not only were the people at LSF content with the work we'd done, but they were proud of it and enjoyed showing off... and that the people they showed were impressed as well. Makes you feel good. Actually, most of what I did for the site was confined to the graphics and javascript. I did the collage in the shape of Florida on the home page... which wasn't my pick, but everyone else really liked it. And there's a map in there somewhere with regions that light up and show you a list of the locations in that region. I had different, more elaborate ideas for that, too, but my supervisor said it was best to keep it simple. Still, I like it. I've since been asked to use that map more throughout the site and my supervisor wants me to do something similar for our own website. I still look forward to getting back to some of the more serious, programming projects I was working on prior to the LSF site.

I registered for Michigan's Democratic caucus. I'm still undecided as to who I'm going to vote for, but I'm following things closely. I wasn't big on Gephardt, so it's nice that he's out of the race and the field is a little narrower. And even though Kucinich never came across as a viable candidate, it'll be good when he's gotten out of the race. Sharpton, too. That'll leave us with Kerry, Edwards, Clark, and Dean. Oh, and Lieberman, too, but I don't like him and hope he bows out of the race as soon as he realizes he can't win the Democratic nomination.

Dan and Kerene bought a set of casino-quality clay poker chips and cards. A bunch of us played poker this past weekend. I started with $5 (smallest denomination was a quarter, highest was a dollar) and I had, at one point, a $25 profit, but I ended the night with just under $15 in profit. We all had fun, though.

Bekah wants me to buy a house so she can move in with me more permanently and not have to worry about housing until she leaves Michigan again. If only I had a more permanent job.

I'd really like to get a curio cabinet for things of my father's that remind me of different facets of his personality and his life. I'm not sure I have the energy to do something like that, though, and that's not something I want to leave completely up to my sister to do for me, either. And, the truth is, I don't have the space for it right now.

I haven't kept in touch with people as much as I should. Family included. Even so, I'm a little disappointed in my father's brother and sister. Apparently, my Granddad went into the hospital with pneumonia and the flu several weeks ago, then was transferred to a nursing home. I've gotten quite a few motivational and religious forwards from my Uncle John, but it was only because my Aunt Heidi, my mother's youngest sister, ran into Granddad's wife, Rene, at the grocery store and asked how he was doing that we found out. Rene told her he was in a nursing home and Heidi was a little surprised since that was the first she'd heard of him being in a nursing home. She asked my mother if we'd known and my mother told us. My mother emailed us with the phone number to the nursing home and we talked to him over the weekend.

I got an email from my Uncle John this morning saying my Granddad wasn't doing well and that he'd been hospitalized then moved to the nursing home and that his spirits were low. He gave me the number where I could reach Granddad and suggested I give him a call.

I replied: "My mother's sister, Heidi, ran into Rene at the grocery store last week and we found out about Granddad through her. My mother helped us get the phone number to the nursing home and we called him a couple days ago and sent flowers. He was very happy to hear from us. It's just a shame nobody felt the need to tell us any of this earlier."


One of my New Year's Resolutions is to read more books. I've finished Honky, the book my sister got me for Christmas. (It was a very good book, by the way.) I added a "Recently Read / Currently Reading" section to the journal to both highlight books I like and act as a reminder to read more. That book is featured there right now. If you don't see that feature change soon, give me a little push. :-)

And that's all I've got for you this time.
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