Paul Hopper (paulhopper) wrote,
Paul Hopper

this year's Christmas gifts

I think gifts should be thoughtful gifts, tailored to the unique relationship between two individuals. I try to give gifts accordingly. Here are three of the gifts I am most proud of...

I gave Aaron, my brother, the Godfather series on DVD. I'm a big fan of DVDs. And he's a big fan of the Godfather.
I gave Cindi, my girlfriend, the Rio Cali 256, a sporty mp3 player she can use while jogging. I still need to get her this thing they have at Radio Shack so she can play it through her car speakers via the radio, though. I'm all for pushing technology onto people and this is something I hope she'll really enjoy and get a lot of use out of.
And I'm getting (still need to find the time to actually buy it) my friend Dan a tv tuner card for his computer since he's been jealous of mine ever since I got it. :-)

I also got some really great gifts this year. But I'll keep this list to only three, too, so I don't have to list everything I got.

My mother and step-father got me a digital camera. (I'll post some pictures soon.)
Cindi got me a tea pot. Because we were watching a movie one day and I was going to make her some tea, but I kept forgetting the pot of water on the stove and ended up burning the bottom of the pot. This tea pot is a nice one. And it whistles. :-)
And my sister got me the book Honky which I'm still reading, but don't need to finish to highly recommend to others.
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