Paul Hopper
Paul Hopper [link]
09 December 2003 @ 23:08:00
Dad's birthday
My father would have turned 54 today.

My mother and I visited him at the cemetary today and saw that my sister had dropped off a birthday card for him earlier in the day.

Not sure what else to say.

I watched 24 today. My father liked 24. At least, I was trying to get him into it. He wasn't really into keeping a schedule, though. And I sometimes suspected that he only liked it because I did. It was hard to tell with him sometimes. But I'd put a 24 background on his Pocket PC and I remember seeing him one time after he'd taken his phone in for something at the Sprint PCS store (or maybe it was a Radio Shack, since Sprint has some sort of relationship with them?) and he mentioned that the guy at the store noticed the 24 background and they chatted about the show a little.

I paid off my car today. Could have done it sooner, but decided to leave the last few dollars for today.

I also made a donation to Lutheran Social Services of Michigan today. Not just because they're my employer, but because they do a lot of work that my father believed in. Adoption, foster care, refugee resettlement and employment, etc. So I made my donation today, on my father's birthday, in memory of him.

I just want to make him proud. I want him to know that he was a good father and a good person and that I love and respect him. And that I miss him.

Just as every phone call ended... [I love you.] I love you, too, Dad.