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more productive at work, less productive at home

I'm starting to be more productive at work. I feel bad that I've been there and been getting paid for time during which I haven't gotten much done, but I couldn't get to this point without going through that first, I guess. Anyway, I feel good that I'm getting more work done now.

December 9th is my father's birthday. My mother's on her way to Michigan now to be with me and my sister during that day.

Though I feel like I've been more productive at work, I'm feeling less productive at home. I'm hoping my mother's visit will give me a little bit of a boost. (Then again, I did change the litter, get trash taken out, and get a load of laundry in the wash, so maybe the weekend is all I really needed.)

I'm supposed to be trying to get a couple messages from my father on my answering machine saved onto some other device, but have run into some trouble doing that. It looks like the headset plug on the phone requires a special adapter, so I can't just use the standard audio cable and adapter I have already. Or maybe I just need to play around with it a little more to get it to fit just right? Eh, I'll try again some more later.

My mother's friend Ann has invited us over to her place for dinner tonight, so we'll be going over there soon. Can't be too soon enough for my stomach, though!

And Bekah just got here, so that ends this journal entry.
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