Paul Hopper (paulhopper) wrote,
Paul Hopper


I just realized that I'm overdue for an update.

Cindi and I drove to Pennsylvania last Wednesday so we could spend Thanksgiving with my mother. That actually went really well. I mean, aside from being a nice visit, there was a good balance of having people around and not feeling smothered or feeling like the purpose was to keep my mind off of my father's death. In fact, there was a lot of discussion there about things that still need to be taken care of, but there wasn't the emotional focus on it all that could keep someone down. Nor did any pretend or avoid it. It was nice and just what I needed.

I left Pennsylvania on Saturday for my grandparents' in Ohio. My aunt had brought my brother there earlier in the day. We played some cards and spent the night there. Aaron, Cindi, and I left Sunday morning for Michigan. Traffic was light and, even without speeding, we made good time and got to Ann Arbor a couple hours before Aaron's bus ride back to school. Once he was on his way, I took a good long nap!

And that was my Thanksgiving this year.

I miss you, Dad.
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